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On September 11, 2001 America was reminded just how important our Military is. Since that day, Kern County has had no shortage of brave men and women volunteer to protect our Nation from those that would see it fall.

Unfortunately, our service members do not always return home in the same shape that they left. Some are injured visibly, others still with injuries not noticeable, and all return affected by their service.

Part of the WHF mission is to support those veterans that need help, no matter what type of help they may need.

Veteran Programs

Our programs are designed to assist our heroes transition back into our community.  It doesn’t matter if you have physical or emotional injuries, or you just want to spend time with other veterans.  We got it!  Just by spending time with others that understand where you have been and what you going through, life becomes a lot easier.  All of our programs connect you with other veterans and the outside community.  There is no need for any veteran to go it alone, in Kern County.

If you would like to become part of the WHF family, let us know! We will contact you and keep you in loop with all of the upcoming events and programs.  Once you do, it won’t take long to see the difference it will make in your life.

Family Programs

We know that our military families go through a lot.  When our service members come home, the stress doesn’t automatically stop.  That is why we have set up a variety of programs to assist our veterans in their family life.  Sometimes just being able to get out on a date can be an impossible task.  Meeting other couples with similar experiences can be helpful.  So can learning new tools about how to communicate, relax, even manage money.

Kern County Veterans have an incredible resource, right here in Kern County.  Attend one of our date nights or workshops free of charge and ensure that you have the tools necessary for a healthy transition for your family.  You will find environments that are free from judgment, attended by other veterans, and friendly.

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