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On September 11, 2001 America was reminded just how important our Military is. Since that day, Kern County has had no shortage of brave men and women volunteer to protect our Nation from those that would see it fall.

Unfortunately, our service members do not always return home in the same shape that they left. Some are injured visibly, others still with injuries not noticeable, and all return affected by their service.

Part of the WHF mission is to support those veterans that need help, no matter what type of help they may need.


Support programs

Board approved financial grants: WHF grants are what sets WHF apart from the pack. They are approved based on need, not type. Some examples of past grants are: family travel expenses, grocery money for families of deployed heroes, funds to adapt homes for wheelchair accessibility.

Community Network: WHF has connected veterans with employers, medical professionals, mortgage specialists, universities, housing opportunities, etc., often avoiding costs of services.

Vet-together Program: WHF funded outings so that groups of veterans with their common backgrounds can bond while experiencing something new.

Event Staffing/Organization: As WHF has become recognized as a powerful local network, various other organizations have utilized the WHF to help plan and staff volunteers for their military support events.