We Are Overwatch Hosts (left to Right) Wesley, Jessica, and Julio

We Are Overwatch Hosts (left to Right) Wesley, Jessica, and Julio

We Are Overwatch is a unique and exciting new program of Wounded Heroes Fund that brings the news, issues, and resources, important to our veteran population, right into their homes, cars, and workplace. Hosted by local veterans, We Are Overwatch is a 30 minute show that combines humor, shared experiences and current knowledge of issues important to veterans. Each show is broken into 2 segment. The first segment is entered on a current and relevant topic and the second is a resource highlight for Kern County Veterans. These resources will include everything from local businesses that support our Local Heroes with services to government agencies. 

We are looking for Partnerships and Sponsors in our community!

Partner- $700.00

Only one partnership is offered annually. Not only will our partner benefit from knowing that they are providing great resources to our deserving Local Heroes, They will also be exposed to our community of 50,000 local veterans and millions nationally, in the following ways. 

  • Banner ad on our Podcast page with link to your business
  • Audio play during intro and closing of each podcast
  • Reputation for being a veteran friendly business or organization, in the community.

Sponsor- $200.00 (Available for each month on a first come first serve bases)

Our Sponsor package is a one month partnership and vital to our ability to provide Local Heroes with the resources they need.

  • Company logo displayed on podcast page/ Facebook with link to your business for one month
  • 2 Paragraph ad of company and description to be read by hosts during each broadcast.
  • Reputation for being a friendly business or organization in our community.

For more information to support our Podcast please contact us Via.



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