The act of helping or doing work for someone

The Wounded Heroes Fund is in essence a service organization with the specific purpose of assisting the men and women of our armed forces. Those looking for a way to repay the service of our military men and women can come together under the banner of WHF and contribute funds, time or their own unique skills and services.

  • WHF is a 100% volunteer organization. Our board members do not receive compensation, and our events are staffed by volunteers.
  • The WHF board is comprised of both current and past members of the armed services as well as prominent members of local businesses and various local service organizations.
  • Thousands have already contributed to the mission of WHF either through donations of time, time, money, and labor - or by attending our events to support our local heroes.

Wounded Heroes Fund Mission

To act as a service organization for those veterans and their families affected by the war on terror in an effort to provide them with support and appreciation they need for a healthy return to civilian life.


NOTE: WHF recognizes that not all wounds of war are visible. Decisions on financial assistance are made on a case-by-case basis by the WHF board, taking into account the needs of veterans based on their military medical backgrounds and current situations.